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DisplayTool 2.2 for Windows 10

DisplayTool is the small, powerful helper for administrators and developers. Text files can be viewed in real time - changes are displayed immediately. Even remote files can be viewed over the network. If the remote computer is restarted, DisplayTool waits for connectivity and immediately displays the file again.

  • Permanently displays the end of a text file
  • Filter for fast search for lines
  • Many modification options (shortening, expanding, filtering, ...)
  • Robust tool - waits for file at reboot
  • Callable via command line with parameters
  • Runs on Windows 7 / 8 / 10 and Windows Server 2008 / 2012 / 2016 / 2019
  • Portable - just get started without installation
  • Free - also for professional use

The features in detail

Show logfiles

  • Displays the lower part of text files (for example log files) to be always up to date
  • Filter option for displaying the relevant lines
  • Adjustable refresh interval to handle even large files
  • Optical signal (status bar briefly turns green) when new lines of text appear
  • Callable via command line - parameters like file and filter can be provided
  • Robust design: After a reboot, network interruption or temporary non-existence of a file, the connection is resumed

Modify text files

  • Merge many small files into one big file
  • Fully or partially open extremely large files
  • Remove Lines: Keep only lines that contain / do not contain a specific text, remove duplicates and much more
  • Trim lines: cut from a specific text or column, extract bracketed text, and more
  • Expand lines, for example, to convert a list of usernames into a list of PowerShell commands

System requirements

DisplayTool runs on Windows 7/8/10 (32 or 64 bit). DOTNET Framework 4 is required.


New in version 2.2

  • Drag&Drop: It is now possible to drag one or more files from Windows Explorer into DisplayTool.
  • Change font size via mouse wheel: The font size can now be changed with Ctrl+mouse wheel. Return to the original value with Ctrl-0.
  • Shorten lines: Here is now the possibility to shorten lines "field by field". The field separator - for example semicolon - can be specified.
  • Several new shortcuts: F5 to refresh, F3 to jump to the selected line, Alt-. (dot) for 3-point menu, Ctrl-0 for default font size (12 pt).

Open extremely large files

With DisplayTool you are able to open extremely large text files. Even the main memory does not limit the size, because files can also be partially opened.

Read more --> Open large text files


Is DisplayTool an editor?

No. DisplayTool is a tool for displaying text files and logfiles. It also acts as "tail for windows".

What is the maximum size allowed for files opened with DisplayTool?

Unlimited. More specifically: The size of the main memory is considered a limit. However, huge files (such as 10 GB) can also be partially opened and saved.

How much does DisplayTool cost?

DisplayTool is free - also for professional use.


You can download DisplayTool here as an MSI package.

Product Version Language License key Action
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Digital Signature

DisplayTool is provided with a digital signature of Lugrain Software GmbH. Please pay attention - only with this signature you get the real DisplayTool.

...or download at heise.de:

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