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Open large files with DisplayTool

Open large text files

DisplayTool allows you to open extremely large text files - files larger than 10 GB are no problem. Files can also be opened partially. This is described below.

First open the "Open very large files" dialog via the 3-point menu:

Große Datei öffnen

After you have selected the file via "Browse ...", some information about the file will be displayed. This process can take several minutes because the file is completely traversed.

Grosse Datei öffnen

Now specify which area of the file should be read. The example reads from line 29,000,000 to the end - that is, about 718,000 lines.

Grosse Datei öffnen

Now the shortened file can be saved under a new name.



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With a normal editor, extremely large text and log files often can not be opened. Although DisplayTool is not an editor, it can display very large files. Several gigabytes in size are no problem. DisplayTool is free and works under Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Since DisplayTool automatically displays the end of a text file, it can also be used as Tail for Windows.

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